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Washington DC

Wouldn’t you love to catch Washington DC at a low cost and most importantly get the most out of it when you have less time in hands? So what if you have just one day to put a comprehensive album for yourself. There is so much you can do in DC in just one day. For first time visitors, this is how you do it!

The Old Town Trolley Tour

The best way to tour the city is by the Old Town Trolley Tour. The Trolley Tour allows you to measure the time you have and helps you catch the places that will interest you the most. Usually the tickets cost around $32 for adults and $14 for children. These tickets can also be purchased online.

The Ancient Georgetown

Beginning your mornings with Georgetown is a fantastic idea. This also happens to be on the Trolley’s green line. Apart from being one of the oldest neighborhoods, it is also one of the finest commercial places, so if shopping’s on your mind, then Georgetown is definitely the place to be. It’s a vibrant place amid cozy shops and cobblestone roads. The houses that you will see are dolled up with a 200 year history. This is definitely a place to start with since it will offer a historical perspective of the capital city.

The magnificent White House

Moving on, the next on the Trolley’s Green Line is, The White House, where the Trolley will lead you. Time for some photographic excellence since the sight you will see will be breathtakingly beautiful. This 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is definitely the star attraction of the tour and a must see. The place took 8 years to build and has been the nation’s pride and symbol of integrity ever since.

Washington Monument standing tall

Post this beauty, you will be taken to the famous Washington Monument. You will require tickets to see this place. This architectural beauty is symbolic and commemorates the struggle of America. Apart from this, the pristine grey structure looks fantastic amidst the green background of the lawns. Time to bring your cameras out again!

Uniquely yours’ Air and Space Museum

The next favorite for all ages is the Air and Space Museum. It is a true place for wonders as one sees the culmination of the scientific world at this place. You will also see the Spirit of St. Louis, a custom made aeroplane, completely one of a kind. Also, don’t miss the 1903 Wright Flyer and Apollo 13. If you do have the time, do try to catch a movie at IMAX. Tickets are available online.

Your date with Power Lunches

You probably are now all geared up for lunch, which Washington DC is quite famous for. Power luncheons are what they call it. Try the Capital Grille, or the Charlie Palmer both at corners of Pennsylvania Avenue. It will be a busy time at the restaurants but thankfully, you don’t need to make reservations.

More on DC

Post lunch, you could stroll to the Capitol or tag along in the Trolley. If you are the reading types, you can spend some good time at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The Capitol will demand you to buy tickets.

As you near the evening, you can do some shopping and snacking at the Moonlight Tour of the Monuments that leaves the Union Station daily at 6:30 p.m. This is a combination of a spectacular view of the FDR Memorial. Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, Korean War Veteran’s Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Carrying DC with you

Finally, a walk on the street of Hotel Washington will take you to the Sky Terrace that the city is so famous for. You will definitely be planning a trip back by the end of this one.

Please note that in order to enter the US foreign visitors are required to obtain their official travel visas at the VisaCenters in UK and Canada.

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