Shopping Paradise of China

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Shanghai is known as “Shopping Paradise,” so if you are here, then you cannot miss shopping because providing best shopping experience is a part of Shanghai’s tourism industry. In Shanghai, most of the vendors or shopkeepers sell the same thing under one roof or in an open section of space. They believe that if you are selling the same thing, you will attract more customers. Up to an extent, they are right. Here is a list of some best shopping spots in the city of seas, Shanghai.

1. Nanjing road:

This No.1 Commercial street of Shanghai has clusters of wide variety shops including centuries old stores, specialist stores and modern malls, where everything is available.

2. Huahai road:

Equally famous like Nanjing, Huahai Street is known for its elegance. You can find many stores with variety of fashion clothing as well as silk products and malls here offer more cost effective shopping then Nanjing Road. Hundreds of other shops display variety of styles, including western and international brands.

3. Middle Tibet Road

If you are looking to sample one of the best culinary delights offered by Shanghai, then you should visit this place. From traditional snacks to international cuisines, you can find almost anything here. Apart from that, the market has many gift stalls with variety of handmade beautiful crafts making it a one stop destination for visitors.

4. Dong Tai road antique market:

This market is filled with a lot of fun, whether you are looking to buy some antiques or you are looking just to wander around and enjoy the junk. Here, you can find old photos, porcelain, lanterns, chopsticks and much more. Remember to bargain to keep your treasure hunt continued.

5. Taikang Lu

Here, you can find plenty of stylish clubs, art galleries and fashionable boutiques selling everything from silk to designer handbags.

6. The Grand Gateway:

This is the largest shopping mall in Xujiahui district spanning seven floors, 245 shops, plenty of restaurant and recreational facilities. You can find many entertainment venues starting from Bridge Street Dance Club to mini gold. Located on 2118 Hua Shan Road, the Grand Gateway is suitable for people of all ages, a perfect outing for whole family.

7. Shanxi Lu:

This is a highly versatile shopping area where some of the ways lead to low price bargain shopping while other linings of the street offer pricey and upper class clothing, where you can find anything from gorgeous gowns to traditional spices and teas. Surrounding areas of the market are filled with many unique and interesting shops including t-shirt shops, electronics stores, low price DVD/CD house, etc. All of them offer excellent shopping.

8. Yuyuan Shopping City:

It is a place for specialist Chinese goods including local crafts, jade wares, antiques and gold/silver jewellery.

The aforementioned places would be highly useful for you if you are going to visit Shanghai. Make sure that you have a valid travel visa to China that can be obtained at Visa Center in USA, UK and Canada.

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