5 Best places to celebrate New Year in Tanzania

1. Level 8, Dar es Salaam

This is located on the top floor of the Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel, which is right in the center of the city. You can have a great view of the bay from the large windows. You can access the terrace from the inside and enjoy a cold safari bar. Prices are very reasonable.

2. Q-Bar, Dar es Salaam

It is a very well known nightclub with live music. Usually the bands play Western music with some African rhythms. The club is filled with tourists and prostitutes. Entrance cost is around $4 but some people do not like the atmosphere here.

3. The Greek Club, Arusha

The Greek Club restaurant is in the heart of Arusha town. The location is very safe and taxis are easily available. Though the restaurant is a member club, tourists are very much welcome here. The service is very fast and the staff is friendly. The restaurant ambiance is amazing and the Greek pizza is the signature dish here.

4. Oriental @ Kempinski Hotel, Dar es Salaam

The food here is excellent and tourists rave about the South African wine here. The service is prompt and courteous. You must try the lobsters and prawns here. They also have Thai and Chinese cuisine on offer. The grilled giant prawns in spicy Thai sauce is an excellent dish.

5. Morogoro Art Gallery & Gift Shop, Morogoro

This is a very good shop and perhaps the only quality souvenir shop in Tanzania. The prices are a little higher than the street vendors but the quality and the variety is very good. They have a very good collection of acrylic paintings of local sights and the Tanzanian people. Some of the paintings cost around $23.

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InterContinental re-opened in Moscow, Russia

Now when you travel to Moscow, Russia you have a chance to stay at the completely renovated InterContinental which has just re-opened its doors in the downtown area. After arriving in one of three Moscow airports, and passing the passport control (you have to have Russian travel visa in your passport to be allowed entry) it takes only 30 min to get to this new hotel located on Tverskaya street, which is the main artery of Moscow, leading straight into the Kremlin. With a distinctively residential feel it is a kind of a safe haven in the middle of the energetic Russian capital. InterContinental Moscow is located within walking distance to the Red Square, Christ the Savior Catherdal and many other brilliant historical tourist destinations. Also, all important government offices and business centres are within easy reach. InterConti MOW, RU - visacenter.ca

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