Travel insurance for Canadians, it’s worth it!

While we hope that you never need to actually use your travel insurance, having one is not only required but it’s also a practice of basic common sense. Accidents do happen and often at the worst possible time. Traveling to another country can be a wonderful way to make new friends, discover new places you’ve only read about, and no matter your age, increase your knowledge of the world. However keep in mind that no one is invincible, and knowing that emergencies won’t get out of hand can provide you with the reassurance needed by your family members who are not joining you on your journeys.


We at VisaCenter are here to provide you with several useful few tips to keep in mind in regards to your travel insurance.

  1. You must ensure that your chosen travel insurance provider includes coverage for emergency treatments and hospitalizations. Not all carriers cover medications and physician’s office visits. Those who are seeking a travel insurance that will meet such requirements should make sure that urgent medical care and emergency room visits are also covered by the insurance as a standard coverage, and not as an additional option sold separately.
  2. Travellers often assume that costs for such insurance coverage are quite high, however, this does not need to be the case. It is possible to get a low cost travel insurance that not only is affordable for most people’s budgets but that will also cover, and adequately so, any related medical costs incurred during a stay in USA, Australia, Russia, China, Africa, Schengen countries (Europe).
  3. Your travel insurance policy number and other information should be readily available in the event that you need to present it to health providers. We recommend making a photocopy of your travel insurance documents prior to traveling. Do not wait until you need healthcare services to look for your policy in your luggage.
  4. Your policy information should also be safeguarded to prevent fraudulent use of your insurance by scammers and other criminals at another location. It would not be cost-effective to acquire a low-cost travel insurance only to have it be misused by someone illegally. Being careless with your information can sometimes create hardships when may require to obtain travel insurance again in the future.
  5. In addition to health and medical coverage when traveling, protecting your luggage from loss is one of your most important duties during transit. After you’ve arrived at your destination, finding out that another passenger has run off with your gear can be a horrible shock. Protecting the investment you’ve made in your gear can also be covered, making losses such as this less painful.
  6. Another aspect of travel is discovering that cancellations do happen. Unless the fine print states that you’ll receive a refund, often you’ll have to wait for a replacement of what you’ve purchased. This can create extreme hardship especially in the case of accommodations. Cancelled flights, cancelled accommodations, and even cancelled excursions can all also be covered by travel insurance policies. While you might be able to catch another flight, or wait a few hours until the next one leaves the airport, this can cause you to lose your intended hotel room. If your hotel has cancelled, where will you stay in your destination city? A tour can easily be replaced, but finding another that will suit your needs and in the same time frame might not be found so easily.


Searching for the right policy may take some time, so starting as soon as you know you’ll be needing it will take a lot of the pressure off you and allow you to find the perfect policy that covers all of your needs. As always, if you have any questions or want to get a price quote on travel insurance, call or us or simply visit at:



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We demystify the reasons why your visa application may be delayed or rejected.

Why you travel visa application may be denied

Why you travel visa application may be denied

If you are traveling to a country with entry visa requirements, you must apply for a travel visa in advance and prepare all required documents properly. Coming from VisaCenter experience, there may be a list of reasons why your visa application may be delayed in its processing or rejected completely.


11 reasons your visa application is delayed:

  1. Visa application form is incomplete, i.e. while completing it you have omitted one or several items.
  2. Visa application is not signed and/or not dated.
  3. Visa application form is not in the required format. Many countries now require that the visa application form be first filled-out on-line and then printed out. Russia, Brazil, and India are examples of countries that require this format. In other cases, such as China, visa application forms must be filled out on your computer and then printed, but not filled out by hand.
  4. Passport is not signed by the owner. The holder must sign Page 3 of his or her Canadian passport.
  5. Passport is damaged. This applies to obvious damage, such as torn pages, cover(s) or unauthorized, non-official markings (scribbles made by your child or notes by yourself). In addition, a “washed” passport is also unacceptable. It may seem OK to you, but not to the visa officer at the consulate.
  6. Photos not in line with requirements. Photo booth photos or self-made photos are not acceptable. You may have your photo taken at any VisaCenter office locations or at a professional outlet, like Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.
  7. Additionally required documents are not presented, presented incompletely or do not meet the standards. Each country has a different list of documents that must be submitted along with the core ones (passport, photo and visa application form). In some cases it is an invitation from the person or organization from that country, or /and bank statement, printed out itinerary, International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever, etc. Some consulates are asking applicants to bring an extra copy of some of the documents being submitted. For example, when you submit for Russian visa you must attach a copy of the main page of the applicant’s passport.
  8. Incorrect payment of consular visa fee, in the case of an incorrect amount or form of payment. Most consulates accept only money orders, so sending them cash or personal cheques is classified as an incorrect form of payment.
  9. Incorrect mailing address. In many cases, consular divisions of embassies are located at locations different from the address of the embassy itself. If you send your visa application directly to the embassy, you can be sure to expect a delay in processing. In the case of Russia and China, neither the embassy nor the consulate accepts visa applications from the general public. You must use a visa center only – no other choice.
  10. No return pre-paid envelope/waybill enclosed to return your passport with visa or enclosing the envelope of the service that the consulate is not using. Some consulates, for example, are using only certain courier companies and if you attach a pre-paid waybill from a different company they will not send it back to you.
  11. Political and/or consulate relations between two countries. Sometimes when the relations between countries are getting worse, this may negatively reflect on visa issuance processing.

Top 5 reasons your application is rejected:

  1. The country you intend to enter has blacklisted you.
  2. You have provided false, in-complete information
  3. You failed to meet additional requirements
  4. You failed to attend a visa interview at the consulate.
  5. You failed to pass a visa interview at the consulate.

In the majority of cases, consulates do not provide any explanation or detail as to why a visa application has been rejected and/or you are denied an entry visa.

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Brazil Visa sticker shortage leads to extensive visa application delay

Toronto, Canada – Brazilian Consulates and Embassies in many jurisdictions in Canada & USA have announced on their websites that due to Visa Sticker shortage, no visas are currently being issued. Those who have already applied, must wait until the stickers are shipped from Brazil, or risk losing the fees already paid to the Consulate.

The news comes amid the approaching high season for travel to Brazil, which will definitely have an impact on the tourist season of the 2012-2013.

The delays are said to be indefinite and officials have no estimated time for the arrival of the new stickers.

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The Best Shopping in Rio.

Shopping in Rio, Brazil visa

Rio or Rio de Janeiro, nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), is the second largest city of Brazil and 6th largest city of the Americas, is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere. Rio boasts one of the finest natural settings, Carnival celebrations, Balneario beaches, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, Maracana Stadium and of course the exotic shopping locations. Along with site seeing, the wide variety of shopping centers present in Rio, makes any tourist’s stay here quite memorable.
In advance, it should be noted that a foreign visitor must acquire travel visas. It can be easily obtained at Visa center in their native country.
Shopping centres
Rio is considered as a fantasy destination for the shopaholics. Numerous Shopping stores are scattered throughout the city. Ranging from latest fashion accessories to cheap merchandise, one can find literally anything in the city’s shopping locales. Along with the buying trendy accessories, it is advisable that one should definitely check out the variety of Brazilian handicrafts, souvenirs, jewellery and suede products available there.
Siqueira Campos
143, Rua Siqueria Campos, Copacabana
Siqueira Campos is one of the city’s first shopping centres. One can find here distinctive crafts, fascinating antiques and magnificent jewellery. The shopping centre is also accompanied by an art gallery, a superstore and a pet shop.
Barra Shopping
Av. Das. Americas, 4666 Barra De Tijuca
This is the city’s largest shopping centre consisting of about 577 stores, spread over and area of 120,000 m2. Along with the shops, the shopping centre has also accommodated cinema theatres, restaurants, bowling alley and an indoor theme park. It experiences visits from about 25 million shoppers every year.
Condominio Sao Conrado Fashion Mall
Est da Gavea 899 Sao Conrado, 22610001
This magnificent shopping centre has about 100 shops, retailing local and international styles from top brands. Anyone looking for the likes of top quality products from brands like Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna and Emporio Armani should definitely pat a visit here. Additionally, this shopping centre also has a built-in cinema theatre and a food court.
Shopping da Gavea
Rua Marques de Sao Vicente, 52, Gavea
This shopping centre boasts over 200 shops selling almost everything. Anyone ready to get spoilt for choice, should think of visiting this shopping mall. Restaurants and cinema theatres are also available here.
Shopping Cidade Copacabana
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Copacabana
This shopping centre is ideal for anyone looking for anything ranging from clothing, carpets to watches and furniture from well-known designers. The shopping centre houses almost 270 stores spanning over an area of 32,500 m2.
The Babilonia Hype Fair
Hipodromo do Joquei Clube Brasileiro, Rua Jardim Botanico
It is a hippie market with stalls selling products related to craft pieces and ornamental art. It is basically for the ones who are more inclined to get a tattoo carved or get their nose pierced.

Pe de Boi
Avenida Afonso Pena
A vibrant market where artifacts and handicrafts can be bought from neighboring countries like Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and adjoining Brazilian regions like Amazon and Pernambuco.
Rua Gonclaves Dias 55, Centro
It is a place for young and fashionable crowds looking for clothes including casual, formal and semi-formal. Though people for all ages can also find something interesting here.
Maria Oiticia
Av. Afranio de Mello Franco 290 loja 112n – Leblon
It is the place to find the best jewellery in town. The unique jewellery available here are made from Brazilian and Amazonian trees and hence are known for being environment friendly.
Shopping in Rio can be an enthralling experience for the city has numerous kinds of shopping locales for the visitors to have a gala time. In combination with the natural beauty there, no one can just forget his/her stay here. But please, note that to get to Rio, Brazil you have to obtain travel visa in your passport that can be easily done if you do it through one of VisaCenter’s offices in US or Canada.

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Party at Rio: Celebrate New Year eve in style

New Year in Rio, BrazilBrazil is one of the countries where you can celebrate New Year eve in style. Among the various cities in Brazil, Rio de Janerio is the best place to celebrate 31st December. Rio is an ideal New Years Evening destination for families and couples. Rio is known as the party capital of the world. So you can expect to have an unforgettable experience if you celebrate New Year in Brazil. There are various ways that you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rio, you can enjoy yourself at the best beach parties, night clubs, go shopping, and dine at some of the finest restaurants in town.

1. Best beaches in Rio
Most of the New Year celebrations in Rio de Janerio, begins on Copacabana beach. Thousands of people gather together on Copacabana beach to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. On this famous beach you will find the best combination of music and dance parties till early in the morning. You will see many dance performances and concerts and get to watch unforgettable fireworks display that consist of 11 barges with 1200 fireworks. You can enjoy four different stages of firework with different background music on every stage. You can also enjoy the same party scenes at the Ipanema Beach and Itacimirim beach where you will find scenic decorations and illumination. You can dance to the tunes of many professional DJ’s and enjoy the fireworks also.
2. Best places to go for shopping in Rio
Rio de Janario is one of the best places to purchase many unique and rare items. Rio has many shopping malls, stores and stalls where one can spend hours buying gift items for their loved ones. The main market of Rio is a great place for both youngsters and elders to go shopping where you can buy a variety of sunglasses, clothes and jewelry item. Brazilian football teams t shirts are one of the most popular products among the youth. In Rio you can see many interesting places to go for shopping. You can purchase many varieties of clothes, beachwear, arts and crafts. You can purchase many Brazilian traditional items which you can use to decorate your house. Some of the popular shopping spots are Rio Sul Shopping Center, Botafogo Praia Shopping mall where you can find amazing New Year eve discounts.
3. Fine dining spots in Rio
If you are a person who enjoys fine dining, then you can find many restaurants in Rio which will offer you many varieties of cuisines. You can see many 3 star or 4 star hotels which are very close to Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, where you can enjoy the beach view and your food. Some of the best spots to dine out are the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which is close to Copacabana beach and Praia Ipanema Hotel which is close to the Ipanema beach. Many hotels serve food on terrace, so you can clearly enjoy sea view, large crowd and grand celebration. There are many luxurious hotels where you can stay and enjoy the celebration. Every hotel provides all types of payment mode for flexibility of payment. Some other great places to eat out are the Cipriani restaurant and Pérgula Restaurant.
4. Best night clubs in Rio
Rio has many night clubs attached with restaurants. You can get the tickets or entry passes along with your food with some great discount offers also. In night clubs you can enjoy music played by professional DJ’s and music of drums, the traditional musical instrument of Brazil. Some night clubs arrange for a separate drum performance for you. Some great Night clubs in Rio include the Jockey Club, Copacabana Palace, Intercontinental Hotel.
Rio is an amazing place for making your New Year celebration fantastic and unforgettable.

To enjoy your 31st December night, you must visit Rio de Janario and see what really makes Rio the party capital of world. To get to Brazil you need visa if you are US or Canadian passport holder. This can be easily accomplished by using the expert services at one of Visacenter offices in US or in Canada. As it is high season, book your flight as soon as possible to get better rates.

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