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The largest city of China, Shanghai is located in central-eastern China facing the East China Sea. The city bristles with buildings, but does not boast sport sights like Rome or New York. It is mainly bifurcated in two sub cities, Puxi (west of the Huangpu River) and Pudong (east of the Huangpu River). Most of the attractive sights and historic architectures are in Puxi while Pudong is still a developing area.

If you are going to Shanghai for a short trip of one or two days, then you may wonder what are the most attractive things or places to see. Here are some of the best places to see. Read on to know more.

1. Shanghai Bund: This is a waterfront area in central Shanghai and one of the most famous tourist destinations. Apart from historical buildings, there are many attractive new constructions, including a 771-meter long flood control wall. For sightseeing, there is a spacious walkway on the top of this wall. To get there you can take bus route: 20, 22, 37, 42, 55, 65, 71, 123 or 503.

2. Huangpu River: Huangpu River Tour is the best way to check both banks of the river and their sights. You can book the tour at jetty. This river tour during the day can be enjoyed between 8 am to 4:30 pm.

3. The Lujiazui Area: Without visiting this place, one can’t claim that he/she has seen the entire Shanghai. Also known as Manhattan of China or East Manhattan, this is an important financial district of Pudong where three of China’s tallest buildings are located. Apart from that, it is one of the best places for people interested in excellent dining experience, luxurious bars, shopping, etc. To reach here, take Subway Line 2, 4 and 6, then get off at New Century Avenue Station.

Shanghai Nanjing Rd

Nanjing Rd - Main shopping street.

4. Shanghai Nanjing Road: This 5.5 km long road is the top most shopping site of Shanghai. There are modern shopping malls, theatres, specialty stores and international hotels on both sides of the road. To visit the west side of the road take Subway Line 2 and reach West Nanjing Road Station and if you want to see the east Nanjing road, then take Subway Line 2 and get off at East Nanjing Rd. Station.

5. Hangzhou’s West Lake: Completely untouched by any kind of modern architecture, this lake offers natural beauty and relaxation. It takes around two hours from Shanghai by train to reach the lake.

Shanghai Maglev Train6. Shanghai Maglev train: The train from international airport to city reaches at 430 km/hour (267 miles/hour) and covers the distance within eight minutes. You will feel whiplashed, but this speed will give you a hint of the fast-paced city that lies ahead.

There are a few more places to see and many more things to do in this “City by the Sea.” However, everything depends on your mood and the time you have. Before planning to visit Shanghai or any other places in China make sure that you have a travel visa, which can be obtained at Visa Center in USA, UK and Canada.

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5 Must Visit Places for New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, China

New Year is that time when the whole world rejoices to the tune of a new beginning. To make it grand, the city of Shanghai is buzzed with the festive fervor by hosting events and parties to welcome the New Year. People of Shanghai mostly indulge in clubbing, events, dining and shopping during the New Year. Listed below are some of the best places to make headway for the New Year celebrations.

1. Shanghai Marriott Hotel
Shanghai Marriott Hotel is planning out the New Year celebration themed, The Final Countdown. One can join it throughout the night to sing and dance on the New Year eve at the Champions New Year’s Eve Bash. The party plans to have lively music with DJ, dance, drinks and food. Marriott also plan to have amazing fireworks for the occasion.
2. The Meet
This steakhouse is another best place to take your family and friends for a lavish feast on the New Year’s Eve. This place plans to offer a 4 course dinner with wine and one can also get a chance to win great prizes during the countdown party. The Meet also has a special menu designed for kids.
3. The Brew
For an awesome outdoor barbeque which will help reuniting with family and friends, one can make a move to The Brew, for incredible experience to welcome the New Year. The outdoor barbeque party will be complete with roasting chestnuts, skewers, while dancing to the tunes of live DJ. This place will also offer free flowing beer, house wine, and selected cocktails.
4. glo London
Enliven in the New Year spirits at the glo London. This is a perfect place to party with friends and family all night to the latest hit tunes. Food, music, and drinks add splendor to the occasion.
5. TECHNOW Event
TECHNOW is a popular event hosted by the Austro-German Techno crew MUSHIDO to rejoice the arrival of the New Year. The event is enlivened by huge crowd dancing to the tune of techno beats. This a an amazing place to visit for the occasion if you hang out with a group of friends.
Though there are various other places and events that charm the people of Shanghai during New Year’s Eve, the must-visit places mentioned above will help welcome 2012 in grandeur and style.

If you plan to go to China, plus to the tickets you need to obtain tourist or business visa to enter the country. This can be easily done by contacting one of VisaCenter offices in Canada, USA and UK.

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