How to Get Russian Visa to Attend Sochi 2014 provides visas to RussiaTo ensure the security of the Games Russian authorities has introduced special visa regime for Sochi and area for the time of the Olympics (Feb 07-23) and Paralympics (Mar. 07-16).

Russian Embassies and Consulates WILL NOT be issuing regular tourist visas for applicants going to Sochi. To be able to obtain Russian visa to go to Sochi Olympics the following document must be presented:

1. Original passport valid at least till October 2014.
2. Filled out and signed visa application form. The form must be filled out on-line at the Russian Foreign Ministry web site (, printed out and signed. If you need help use this detailed manual on how to fill-out Russian visa on-line application form.
3. One photo as per the following specs –
4. Tourist visa support documents specially prepared for Sochi 2014. If you do not already have them you may apply here:
5. Copy of one of the following: Spectator Pass, Event Ticket, Receipt for Event Ticket purchase.

What is the Spectator Pass?
Spectator Pass means a document which presented together with the Ticket allows a Ticket Holder to be eligible to be granted access to a Venue to attend a specific Session on the date indicated on the Ticket. The Spectator Pass is an additional feature established by Sochi 2014 for the purpose of providing security for all Ticket Holders at the Venues at Games-time. The Spectator Pass is free of charge. The Spectator Pass issuing procedure is defined by the Sochi 2014 and is described at the Sochi 2014 Website. In order to obtain Spectator Pass a Ticket Holder has to provide Sochi 2014 with their Personal data. Sochi 2014 reserves the right to either grant a Spectator Pass or deny it.

How and where to get the Pass?
Follow this link – (copy-paste it into your browser).

Where to purchase tickets for Sochi 2014?
Follow this link – (copy-paste it into your browser)

Where to get more info, advice and assistance with processing of Russian visas to Sochi 2014?
You may visit the following page for more information on Russian visas and if you need help with visa processing ask Visa Center which has offices across Canada (

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