One Day in Minsk

Victory Square

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. It’s the largest city in Belarus and is one of the major tourist attractions especially for travelers who are attracted by the history of Soviet Russia and wish to see one of the largest Soviet city with a rich past and culture. Minsk is placed on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers. With its charming environment, ancient landmarks and great Soviet architectures, it is sure to awestruck its visitors.

Though touring this city only for one day would be unfair to the fascinating beauty of the city, but for busy travelers there are some ‘must-sees’ in Minsk.


As Minsk is famous for its beautiful churches, it is a good idea to visit church when you are in this city. There are many churches like Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, Sankt Simeon and Helena church, Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Red Church situated around the city. Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is one of the hot tourist spots. Built in baroque style the church is appreciated for its wonderful beauty. The basis of all the churches is the influence of primarily two Christian churches, catholic and orthodox.

Stalin Line

Another great place to visit is the Stalin Line which is a history museum in the open air. It has unique arms, machine- guns, different ammunitions and armor caps conserved from the time of World War-I. Along with the presence of ancient arms this place also has a historical significance being one to the many defensive installations prepared that covered the border of USSR.

Independence avenue

Independence avenue i.e., the central square of Minsk was previously known as Lenin square. Majority of the building here are of Soviet Stalin time but Red Church situated here gives you a classic example of neo gothic architecture.

Victory square

Victory square is also full of antique buildings and is very near to Independence square. Lots of impressive building can be found in this square such as the headquarter of KGB which was the national security agency of the Soviet Union, Victory Column which is a dedication to all the immortal soldiers.

The National library

National library of Belarus signifying the evolution of contemporary architecture in the city is situated on a river bank and is the main source of information to the whole country. It is located on a 236 feet high building with 22 floors and has more than ninety thousand citizens as its visitors.

Mound of glory

Mound of glory situated 21kms away from Minsk on the Moscow highway is an artificial mound made to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their life in 2nd World War. Around the mound there are also many ancient tanks and munitions placed.


You can end your day by going to the Opera and having a meal at the local cafes which are quite reasonable and serves a wide range of dishes including soups, sausages and salads. Vodka is one of the major favorites of the people there as it is quite cheap and provides for a better taste than water which is quite salty.

Minsk can be a little troubling for people who do not speak Russian and those who are first timers, but with a passion for adventure, as you explore the city and come closer to witnessing its history, you will be amazed at the heritage and the beauty, the city is associated with. Most of the travelers to Belarus need entry travel visas, that can be easily obtained at VisaCenter offices in Canada, US and UK.

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