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5 Best places to celebrate New Year in Tanzania

1. Level 8, Dar es Salaam

This is located on the top floor of the Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel, which is right in the center of the city. You can have a great view of the bay from the large windows. You can access the terrace from the inside and enjoy a cold safari bar. Prices are very reasonable.

2. Q-Bar, Dar es Salaam

It is a very well known nightclub with live music. Usually the bands play Western music with some African rhythms. The club is filled with tourists and prostitutes. Entrance cost is around $4 but some people do not like the atmosphere here.

3. The Greek Club, Arusha

The Greek Club restaurant is in the heart of Arusha town. The location is very safe and taxis are easily available. Though the restaurant is a member club, tourists are very much welcome here. The service is very fast and the staff is friendly. The restaurant ambiance is amazing and the Greek pizza is the signature dish here.

4. Oriental @ Kempinski Hotel, Dar es Salaam

The food here is excellent and tourists rave about the South African wine here. The service is prompt and courteous. You must try the lobsters and prawns here. They also have Thai and Chinese cuisine on offer. The grilled giant prawns in spicy Thai sauce is an excellent dish.

5. Morogoro Art Gallery & Gift Shop, Morogoro

This is a very good shop and perhaps the only quality souvenir shop in Tanzania. The prices are a little higher than the street vendors but the quality and the variety is very good. They have a very good collection of acrylic paintings of local sights and the Tanzanian people. Some of the paintings cost around $23.

To get to Tanzania you need travel entry visa. This can be easily accomplished by using the expert services at one of Visacenter offices in US, UK or in Canada.

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Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Vietnam

Celebrate your evening in Vietnam, the country that celebrates a mass exodus of various customs, cuisine and breathtaking sceneries. The country possesses a rich culture and is drenched in many intriguing traditions. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Vietnam can be a gala event that will completely soak you in sheer joy, fun and tons of wonderful memories. But, if you’re confused about the best places to spend and celebrate New Year’s Eve, this article lists down few of the most happening places in Vietnam to have a ball during your visit.

1. Shopping in Hanoi
Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam. Famous for its French architecture and beautiful One-Pillar Pagoda, the city also delivers a good range of day and night markets.
What to buy?
For shopaholics, Hanoi is similar to heaven. It offers quality textiles, clothes and handicrafts that will certainly not disappoint you. From designer boutiques and galleries to ethnic minority products, you can find it all in Hanoi. Vietnam’s famous silk, souvenirs, rice paper, bamboo-bound notebooks, vogue table lamps and wooden products are few of the must buys in Hanoi.
Where to buy?
Hang Da Market, Dong Xuan Market and Weekend Night Market are few of the famous markets in Hanoi. In Hang Da market, you can pick from imported food, wines, fabrics and flowers, whereas Dong Xuan market offers almost everything under the sky.
2. Enjoy Vietnamese delicacies in Hoi An
Hoi An is famous for its well-preserved architecture declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But, it’s a little known fact that this city deals in most exotic, traditional and tastiest Vietnamese delicacies.
Pamper the taste buds
This New Year, you can either visit one of many restaurants, like Dingo Deli, White Lotus restaurant or Brasserie Cava to satisfy your tongue cravings. Furthermore, you can try out famous street foods in Hoi An. Do pamper your taste buds with dishes, such as, Com GA, Cau Lau and White rose. Café Des Amis, Hai Scout Café, Morning Glory and Restaurant Café 96 alongside Bach Dang River are few of the most famous restaurants in Hoi An that offers most authentic French and Vietnamese cuisine.
3. Rock the night out in Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City is the liveliest, busiest and most entertaining city in Vietnam. It possesses an enthralling nightlife that will definitely force you to shake a leg. From karaoke bars, clubs and pubs, this city is full of life and color during the night.
Famous night clubs in the city
As evening turns to the vibrant night, try visiting Galaxy nightclub or Acoustic Bar at 6E1 Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, District 3 to have a ball. Moreover, Apocalypse Now, Q Bar, Carmen Bar, Vasco’s and Blue Gecko are the most famous night clubs in the city that offers pure enjoyment and fun.
In a nutshell, Vietnam is a lively country that will provide you with multiple exciting destinations to shop, eat and dance this New Year Eve. Preparation to travel involves getting Vietnam tourist visas. This task can be easily accomplished via internet if you connect with one of VisaCenter offices in UK, USA or Canada.

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Cambodia: A perfect place for year end sojourn

Phnom Penh, Cambodia visa service

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodia can cast a spell on you. This South-East Asian country is historically divine, spiritual, inspiring and interesting. The natural beauty of Cambodia is so intoxicating that you might just want to stay there. So, if you are planning to spend your New Year somewhere in Asia, then Cambodia might just be the right bet for you. It has beautiful temples, enchanting riverside, intoxicating islands, beautiful wildlife, exciting shopping areas and great party places. Check out some of these places to spend New Year:

Restaurants and bars in Phnom Penh:
Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh is an exciting city. It has the buzz of a metropolitan and houses number of bars and pubs for excellent night life. Places like Anaora Bar Restaurant, Candy Bar, The Cavern Pub and Cafe are good places to hand out. The Club @ The Place is a new, good discotheque that would force you to tap your feet. Dream Bar and Fashion lounge are for those who love sophistication. Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia is a great place to enjoy relaxing dinners.
There are several shopping centres and small shops from where you can buy the prized Cambodian silk dresses or dress materials. You can also indulge in some spirituality and buy statues and carvings of traditional deities of Hindus and Buddhas. Boutiques along Street 240 in Phnom Penh is an excellent place to shop. Visit Street 178 to appreciate contemporary and traditional Cambodian Art.
Adventure and movies:

Rent a cycle and move around the city. Participate in the Phnom Penh Pub Quiz at Street 144, The local 2 Pub to have some fun with the locals. Visit The Flicks Community Movie house for some fun movies. Visit Thunder Ranch Shooting Range if you want some adventure.
If you want to visit some serene place and away from crowd, then visit Ko Samui, a beautiful tropical island. A trip to Angkor Wat is beautiful while Siem Reap is a place to visit for shopping and eating.
So, now you know how Cambodia can be an exciting place to visit. Buy tickets, get your entry visa (yes, one is required to enter Cambodia) with the help of VisaCenter in Canada, US and UK, pack your bags and explore the beauty and offerings of this enchanting destination!

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Dubai – New Year Eve

Dubai is one of the most exciting cities on earth and is one that offers an amazing variety of ways to make your new year’s eve special. You can choose anything from dune bashing to quiet candlelit dinners in this fabulous city. Therefore how you celebrate the day depends largely on your taste but below is a few popular activities and best places in Dubai to enjoy them. Happy new year!

Shopping for gifts in a maldubai, uae visal

The Dubai Mall: This mall is the largest mall in the world based on shopping area and is a ‘home to all brands’.

The Mall of Emirates: You’d love to shop in this mall and you’d find almost anything you look for.

Relaxing on a beach

Jumaira Beach: It is perhaps the best known beach in Dubai. You’d love relaxing here.

There are plenty of other beaches like the one next to Burj Khalifa where you can relax. This beach will give you a good view of the famous hotel too.

Eating out

Karma cafe: Have a fabulous international foodie experience here. Anything that you order will be the best in the mouth and serves well.

More cafe: This place has a got a menu which has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out their gorgeous terrace view in the city outlet.

New Year’s eve night out

There are a variety of dances and programs offered at this time of the year by exotic resorts and clubs. Some are:

“Sandance new year’s eve” offered by the Atlantis: The Palm

This program promises you an unforgettable time of dance and drink on the hottest beach of Palm Jumairah till it is the new year!

Cruise by Bateaux Dubai

If you fascinate beautiful cruises while enjoying the night lit city then this is the program for you.

Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani hotel lets you celebrate New year’s eve your way by letting you choose between fabulous choices.

To get to Dubai if you are EU or US passport holder, you do not need visa. If this is not your case then VisaCenter offices in Canada, USA and UK may help you to get UAE travel visa. The processing is relatively fast and starts from 3 business days. Most of the major airlines are flying to Dubai direct from Europe. If you fly from US or Canada, the only direct service is provided by Emirates on their new A-380 aircraft.

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Party at Rio: Celebrate New Year eve in style

New Year in Rio, BrazilBrazil is one of the countries where you can celebrate New Year eve in style. Among the various cities in Brazil, Rio de Janerio is the best place to celebrate 31st December. Rio is an ideal New Years Evening destination for families and couples. Rio is known as the party capital of the world. So you can expect to have an unforgettable experience if you celebrate New Year in Brazil. There are various ways that you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rio, you can enjoy yourself at the best beach parties, night clubs, go shopping, and dine at some of the finest restaurants in town.

1. Best beaches in Rio
Most of the New Year celebrations in Rio de Janerio, begins on Copacabana beach. Thousands of people gather together on Copacabana beach to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. On this famous beach you will find the best combination of music and dance parties till early in the morning. You will see many dance performances and concerts and get to watch unforgettable fireworks display that consist of 11 barges with 1200 fireworks. You can enjoy four different stages of firework with different background music on every stage. You can also enjoy the same party scenes at the Ipanema Beach and Itacimirim beach where you will find scenic decorations and illumination. You can dance to the tunes of many professional DJ’s and enjoy the fireworks also.
2. Best places to go for shopping in Rio
Rio de Janario is one of the best places to purchase many unique and rare items. Rio has many shopping malls, stores and stalls where one can spend hours buying gift items for their loved ones. The main market of Rio is a great place for both youngsters and elders to go shopping where you can buy a variety of sunglasses, clothes and jewelry item. Brazilian football teams t shirts are one of the most popular products among the youth. In Rio you can see many interesting places to go for shopping. You can purchase many varieties of clothes, beachwear, arts and crafts. You can purchase many Brazilian traditional items which you can use to decorate your house. Some of the popular shopping spots are Rio Sul Shopping Center, Botafogo Praia Shopping mall where you can find amazing New Year eve discounts.
3. Fine dining spots in Rio
If you are a person who enjoys fine dining, then you can find many restaurants in Rio which will offer you many varieties of cuisines. You can see many 3 star or 4 star hotels which are very close to Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, where you can enjoy the beach view and your food. Some of the best spots to dine out are the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which is close to Copacabana beach and Praia Ipanema Hotel which is close to the Ipanema beach. Many hotels serve food on terrace, so you can clearly enjoy sea view, large crowd and grand celebration. There are many luxurious hotels where you can stay and enjoy the celebration. Every hotel provides all types of payment mode for flexibility of payment. Some other great places to eat out are the Cipriani restaurant and Pérgula Restaurant.
4. Best night clubs in Rio
Rio has many night clubs attached with restaurants. You can get the tickets or entry passes along with your food with some great discount offers also. In night clubs you can enjoy music played by professional DJ’s and music of drums, the traditional musical instrument of Brazil. Some night clubs arrange for a separate drum performance for you. Some great Night clubs in Rio include the Jockey Club, Copacabana Palace, Intercontinental Hotel.
Rio is an amazing place for making your New Year celebration fantastic and unforgettable.

To enjoy your 31st December night, you must visit Rio de Janario and see what really makes Rio the party capital of world. To get to Brazil you need visa if you are US or Canadian passport holder. This can be easily accomplished by using the expert services at one of Visacenter offices in US or in Canada. As it is high season, book your flight as soon as possible to get better rates.

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Travel smart with smart gadgets and apps.

Travel smart - get travel visa at visacenter.caTravel has always been a hassle: late planes’ arrivals leading to missing connections, long queues for security checks, overworked counter staff, booking errors, travel visas issues, etc.

The recent years have dramatically changed the way things are done. Many gadgets and services that help to minimize the impact of many of those hassles have been introduced.

Our own experience shows that globe trotting without modern gadgets and applications for them is like buying your tickets by visiting a travel agent in person, which is well possible, BUT, so outdated.

Must have applications:

To book a flight or vacation you may use any major on-line consolidator like Expedia, Travelocity, Skyscanner or an airline of your choice directly. Most of them have apps available at the AppsStore for free.

If you need to get a travel visa hassle free, contact VisaCenter at one of their offices in Canada, US or UK. Otherwise, you might very well end up trying to answer all the weird questions on multi-pages visa applications yourself, have the right-size photos taken, run around the city in search of a consulate, stand hours in line to see a consular officer only to find out that your application has been rejected, because you have done something wrong in your preps. You will waste your precious time and get frustrated. VisaCenter, on the other hand, will explain what documentation is expected of you, assist you with the application forms and other paper work as required by each country, take your photos at the spot and even submit and receive your visa file on your behalf.

To find out if your flight is on-time, you may use the app of your airline or the app of the departure airport. Some airlines, like Air Canada allow to subscribe for notifications on the flight status. There are several 3-rd party apps for this too. Flightboard and Flighttrack are among them.

Check-in: definitely use the app of your airline. Check-in using the app. You boarding pass will be on the screen of your smart phone (you saved a tree, by the way!) and can be easily scanned by the personnel at the check-in, security and boarding. Another advantage – you should not keep in your head where have you put that piece of paper, it is on the screen of your smart phone! And one more argument in favor of advance check-in: if you have only carry-on, you may come not 2 hours before, but 45 min before domestic flight as the only thing you need to do is to pass security check. Even here is a piece of advice (though not related to the apps, but still): if you fly from Canada – obtain NEXUS card which will push you ahead of the line. The same card, by the way, will minimize your wait time at immigration control on arrival too.

If you are unfamiliar with the airport and do not know where what is located there, you may download the following app – AirportAce. It is not free, but will help you out a lot in search for your gate, duty free shops, lounges, other facilities.

Once on board – it is a whole different story how to enjoy the time and use it to your liking.

While you are in the air, your friends and relatives are able to track your path with high precision by using one of the specialized applications, like earlier mentioned FlightTrack. They are not free, but really worth the price as basically it is the the same software that airports and airlines are using for their flights tracking activity (with just 1 min delay, introduced for security reason).

And yourself, you may enjoy a book, music or video not from the airline library, but of your own choice downloaded beforehand. Or read all the latest news, articles, etc. by using such a wonderful app as Instapaper.

Once at the destination it would be wise to use the apps that are designed specifically for this destination: travel guide, transit system app, local taxi app, etc., as this will minimize the period of uncertainty on the foreign soil.

Happy traveling with less hassle!!!

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5 Must Visit Places for New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, China

New Year is that time when the whole world rejoices to the tune of a new beginning. To make it grand, the city of Shanghai is buzzed with the festive fervor by hosting events and parties to welcome the New Year. People of Shanghai mostly indulge in clubbing, events, dining and shopping during the New Year. Listed below are some of the best places to make headway for the New Year celebrations.

1. Shanghai Marriott Hotel
Shanghai Marriott Hotel is planning out the New Year celebration themed, The Final Countdown. One can join it throughout the night to sing and dance on the New Year eve at the Champions New Year’s Eve Bash. The party plans to have lively music with DJ, dance, drinks and food. Marriott also plan to have amazing fireworks for the occasion.
2. The Meet
This steakhouse is another best place to take your family and friends for a lavish feast on the New Year’s Eve. This place plans to offer a 4 course dinner with wine and one can also get a chance to win great prizes during the countdown party. The Meet also has a special menu designed for kids.
3. The Brew
For an awesome outdoor barbeque which will help reuniting with family and friends, one can make a move to The Brew, for incredible experience to welcome the New Year. The outdoor barbeque party will be complete with roasting chestnuts, skewers, while dancing to the tunes of live DJ. This place will also offer free flowing beer, house wine, and selected cocktails.
4. glo London
Enliven in the New Year spirits at the glo London. This is a perfect place to party with friends and family all night to the latest hit tunes. Food, music, and drinks add splendor to the occasion.
5. TECHNOW Event
TECHNOW is a popular event hosted by the Austro-German Techno crew MUSHIDO to rejoice the arrival of the New Year. The event is enlivened by huge crowd dancing to the tune of techno beats. This a an amazing place to visit for the occasion if you hang out with a group of friends.
Though there are various other places and events that charm the people of Shanghai during New Year’s Eve, the must-visit places mentioned above will help welcome 2012 in grandeur and style.

If you plan to go to China, plus to the tickets you need to obtain tourist or business visa to enter the country. This can be easily done by contacting one of VisaCenter offices in Canada, USA and UK.

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InterContinental re-opened in Moscow, Russia

Now when you travel to Moscow, Russia you have a chance to stay at the completely renovated InterContinental which has just re-opened its doors in the downtown area. After arriving in one of three Moscow airports, and passing the passport control (you have to have Russian travel visa in your passport to be allowed entry) it takes only 30 min to get to this new hotel located on Tverskaya street, which is the main artery of Moscow, leading straight into the Kremlin. With a distinctively residential feel it is a kind of a safe haven in the middle of the energetic Russian capital. InterContinental Moscow is located within walking distance to the Red Square, Christ the Savior Catherdal and many other brilliant historical tourist destinations. Also, all important government offices and business centres are within easy reach. InterConti MOW, RU -

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Incredible destinations for Winter

With the winters gearing up and the holiday season in full swing, it’s time again for adventurists to plan an exciting expedition exploring new places. The world is an open place spotted with some magnificent places. China, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam and Tanzania are the new holiday destinations that attract people from all around the world. You can now avail the expert services of VisaCenter to assist and help you to reach your holiday destination hassle free. Their expertise with in-time travel visa processing ensures you save time running around, exhausting yourself even before your holiday starts. Now you can sit back and plan your holiday.

China can be visited all year round. The month of December has its own charm, with winters in full bloom. Apart from the Great Wall of China other magnificent places that you can visit during the winter months include Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Beijing Capital Museum and Temple of Heaven. Mount Haungshan is one of China’s major tourist destination and is well known for its scenery, sunsets and it’s granite peaks. The Pearl City of Guilin too is endowed with astonishing natural beauty and you cannot leave China without witnessing the verdant vegetation and the clear waters that beautify this land.

The imperial capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg is the most visited city of the country. If offers a wide array of exciting activities during the winters, starting from December. These include ice skating, snow painting and ice sculpture. Various intriguing monuments and heritage centers are scattered across the city and you will surely enjoy visiting them with your family. The city also has the world’s largest museum, The Winter Palace and you must pay it a visit before you depart from Russia. The capital city of Russia, Moscow organizes the world’s best winter festival cherished with musical evenings and wonderful light works. Tread the city of Moscow using the world’s second most heavily used transit system and experience a new world altogether.

Brazil enjoys a massive cultural diversity and therefore no one feels like a foreigner here. The 7000 kilometers of coastline and the vastness of the desert sands of Lencois Maranhenses have an unmatched exuberance. The natural reserves that cover up the Amazon too attract people from across the world. The impressive mountains of Minas Gerais, the noisy waters in the state of Amapa and Para and the beautiful sunsets throughout pampas of Rio Grande do Sul cannot be missed if you visit the country.

The Ha long Bay in Vietnam is a heaven indeed with its 3000 islands and superb sandy beaches. It’s the most magnificent place for visit in Vietnam. Unique floating markets, famous sand dunes and the Temple of Literature can be explored for ultimate fun. Apart from these, the Citadel and the Cu Chi tunnels are two other beautiful places to visit here.

Tanzania is the home of legendary vegetation and a diversity of animals trekking across the plains. The highest peak of Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro, beautiful Lake Victoria and the chain of small islands Zanzibar are the best eminent places to visit here.

All these exotic locations are quite pleasurable to discover but getting a TRAVEL ENTRY VISA for the same not that easy. With the most reliable and rapid processing service, is the ultimate destination for VISA solutions and can be easily reached at these websites for Canada, USA and UK.

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InterTextile – world largest textile exhibition

China has become the place to go for new products, materials and ideas. Most of us are exploring what market can offer, by attending shows and expos in China.

InterTextile – is the largest show of its kind and a must for professionals in the field. It will be held in Shanghai from Oct. 18 to 21 in New International Expo Centre. 2700 international fabric producers will be showcasing their products there.

In the framework of the exhibition first ever “Planet Textiles” conference on sustainability will be held.

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