Brazil Visa sticker shortage leads to extensive visa application delay

Toronto, Canada – Brazilian Consulates and Embassies in many jurisdictions in Canada & USA have announced on their websites that due to Visa Sticker shortage, no visas are currently being issued. Those who have already applied, must wait until the stickers are shipped from Brazil, or risk losing the fees already paid to the Consulate.

The news comes amid the approaching high season for travel to Brazil, which will definitely have an impact on the tourist season of the 2012-2013.

The delays are said to be indefinite and officials have no estimated time for the arrival of the new stickers.

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Canada suspended relations with Iran

Canada closed Iran Embassy in OttawaOn September 07 Canada has made a decision to close its embassy in Teheran as well as requested Iran to close its embassy in Ottawa and remove its staff in 5 days period. Diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended. All Canadian diplomatic staff has already left Iran.

It is expected that Iranian embassy in Ottawa as well as its consular section will close its doors to public this coming Wednesday, September 12. Currently the consular office has already stopped accepting all documents for visas, legalization and passports. The website of the Embassy has the CLOSED sign. Though there is no word from Iranian government on what embassy in what country will take over the consular matters from Canada, most probably it will be nearest Embassy located in Mexico. At the same time coming from the similar precedents with other countries the Iranian mission at the UN in New York may take over all or some of the duties as well.

Canadians in Iran seeking help with consular and passport services have to contact the Canadian embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Recently relations between Turkey and Iran has deteriorated as well and visa regime between the two countries has been re-introduced. will be monitoring the developments and will re-start providing Iranian visa and legalization services as soon as situation clears.

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The Best Shopping in Rio.

Shopping in Rio, Brazil visa

Rio or Rio de Janeiro, nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), is the second largest city of Brazil and 6th largest city of the Americas, is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere. Rio boasts one of the finest natural settings, Carnival celebrations, Balneario beaches, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, Maracana Stadium and of course the exotic shopping locations. Along with site seeing, the wide variety of shopping centers present in Rio, makes any tourist’s stay here quite memorable.
In advance, it should be noted that a foreign visitor must acquire travel visas. It can be easily obtained at Visa center in their native country.
Shopping centres
Rio is considered as a fantasy destination for the shopaholics. Numerous Shopping stores are scattered throughout the city. Ranging from latest fashion accessories to cheap merchandise, one can find literally anything in the city’s shopping locales. Along with the buying trendy accessories, it is advisable that one should definitely check out the variety of Brazilian handicrafts, souvenirs, jewellery and suede products available there.
Siqueira Campos
143, Rua Siqueria Campos, Copacabana
Siqueira Campos is one of the city’s first shopping centres. One can find here distinctive crafts, fascinating antiques and magnificent jewellery. The shopping centre is also accompanied by an art gallery, a superstore and a pet shop.
Barra Shopping
Av. Das. Americas, 4666 Barra De Tijuca
This is the city’s largest shopping centre consisting of about 577 stores, spread over and area of 120,000 m2. Along with the shops, the shopping centre has also accommodated cinema theatres, restaurants, bowling alley and an indoor theme park. It experiences visits from about 25 million shoppers every year.
Condominio Sao Conrado Fashion Mall
Est da Gavea 899 Sao Conrado, 22610001
This magnificent shopping centre has about 100 shops, retailing local and international styles from top brands. Anyone looking for the likes of top quality products from brands like Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna and Emporio Armani should definitely pat a visit here. Additionally, this shopping centre also has a built-in cinema theatre and a food court.
Shopping da Gavea
Rua Marques de Sao Vicente, 52, Gavea
This shopping centre boasts over 200 shops selling almost everything. Anyone ready to get spoilt for choice, should think of visiting this shopping mall. Restaurants and cinema theatres are also available here.
Shopping Cidade Copacabana
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Copacabana
This shopping centre is ideal for anyone looking for anything ranging from clothing, carpets to watches and furniture from well-known designers. The shopping centre houses almost 270 stores spanning over an area of 32,500 m2.
The Babilonia Hype Fair
Hipodromo do Joquei Clube Brasileiro, Rua Jardim Botanico
It is a hippie market with stalls selling products related to craft pieces and ornamental art. It is basically for the ones who are more inclined to get a tattoo carved or get their nose pierced.

Pe de Boi
Avenida Afonso Pena
A vibrant market where artifacts and handicrafts can be bought from neighboring countries like Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and adjoining Brazilian regions like Amazon and Pernambuco.
Rua Gonclaves Dias 55, Centro
It is a place for young and fashionable crowds looking for clothes including casual, formal and semi-formal. Though people for all ages can also find something interesting here.
Maria Oiticia
Av. Afranio de Mello Franco 290 loja 112n – Leblon
It is the place to find the best jewellery in town. The unique jewellery available here are made from Brazilian and Amazonian trees and hence are known for being environment friendly.
Shopping in Rio can be an enthralling experience for the city has numerous kinds of shopping locales for the visitors to have a gala time. In combination with the natural beauty there, no one can just forget his/her stay here. But please, note that to get to Rio, Brazil you have to obtain travel visa in your passport that can be easily done if you do it through one of VisaCenter’s offices in US or Canada.

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Russia and US has agreed to simplify visa requirements.

New rules of getting Rusian visa

As of September 9 new visa issuance rules will be in effect for citizens of both countries applying for tourist, business and private visas.

Our analysis of the bi-lateral agreement put into force recently and comments on it shows that US passport holders going to Russia will benefit from the following:

Business visa applicants:
No need to have official letter of invitation.
All visas are multiple-entry for up to 6 month stay for each entry and valid for 3 years. Before the maximum length of Russian business visa validity was 1 year.

Tourist visa applicants:
No need to have official visa support (but proof of hotel and tour bookings are required).
All visas are multiple-entry for up to 6 month stay for each entry and valid for 3 years. Before the maximum length of Russian tourist visa validity was 30 calendar days.

Private visa applicants:
All visas are multiple-entry for up to 6 month stay for each entry and valid for 3 years. Before the maximum length of Russian tourist visa validity was 90 calendar days.

Another advantage is that US citizens may apply for Russian visas in other countries, not only from inside United States as the case now. So, for example, US passport holder on a short visit to Canada may apply at the nearest Russian consulate or through Russian visa center there.

At the same time Russian consulates reserved their right to request any applicant to present additional documents and information to confirm the purpose of the trip, availability of funds, etc. As this part of the requirements is not detailed, the practical implementation of it by consular bureaucrats may in some instances destroy most of the advantages. Russian officials are looking at complete visa-free regime by 2020.

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Best Shopping in New York!

Shopping in NYC - US visa

People are going to New York for business, museums, events and… SHOPPING! In this story we are listing the most popular spots for those who would like to buy something new for themselves while in NYC. Note, that greatest majority of the foreign visitors, including permanent residents of Canada, require visas to enter USA. This can be accomplished easier by contacting Visacenter offices in UK, US and Canada. Canadian permanent residents with foreign passports may apply directly on line.

American Girls Place
It is a marvelous store which is full of various historical dolls of eighteen inches normally, a huge area of 43000 square foot attached with a cafe, bookstore and also a theater. The presence of too many dolls creates a realistic atmosphere.
Address: 609, Fifth avenue, 49th street.

Barneys New York
For an edgy fashion designer, the name which comes first is Barneys flagship of Madison avenue. One of the most sophisticated shops, whose upper floor contains tees of clingy jucy, Miu miu dresses and also habitual jeans. On the lower floor, you will get more expensive and sophisticated items like prada suits.
Address: 660 Madison ave, 61st street.

Apple Store SoHo
For electronic items, you can visit the Apple store which has a two storey beautiful building with translucent walkway, glass staircases, skylights and many things which attract the customers. Starting from i-pad to digital camera, all the electronic equipments of Apple you can get under one roof, in additional you can attend the instructional seminars.
Address: 103 Prince Street, Green street

NBA Store
From authentic jersey to standard posters and various expensive jewellery, you will get everything under one roof and also can entertain yourself by shooting the balls in game section which is on the ground floor.
Address: 666, Fifth avenue, 52nd street.

Strand Book Store
It is the cheapest and largest book store in the city, where you can get second hand books also. From the recent fiction to the old history book or the cooking book, all are available among the vast collection of books.
Address: 828, Broadway , 12th street.

Saks Fifth Avenue
It houses mainly the work of American designers and plenty of European designers with collections of diffusion line department store. A variety of swimwear collection is also available on the eighth floor.
Address: 611, Fifth avenue, 50th street.

Adidas Originals Store
Inspite of a sportswear company, Adidas now stepped into a vast collections of retro fashion. From key chains to tees, tracksuits and also a limited edition of shoes are available in the store. Like Adidas, Puma Store is also a brand name for apparel and footwears.
Adidas: 136 Wooster street, near Prince street,
Puma: 521 Broadway, near spring street,

Have a hair problem or hair loss? Takes a long time to brush the hair? Simply visit Ricky’s flagship store and have wigs or shades. You will be more cool than you were in your original hair.
509, Fifth avenue, at 42nd street.

The most popular department store in Manhatten. You may find any stuff for any taste and budget. Note that if you are travelling to NYC from outside of the US, this store has a special discount for you! Visit customer service where they issue special discount card.
151 West 34-th Street, New York (34-th & Broadway)

Enjoy your shopping!!

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Castle Complex Mir, Belarus

If you happen to be in Minsk, Belarus, then try to visit MIR CASTLE!

The Castle Complex Mir of the 16th–20th centuries included the castle itself, banks of earth, the English landscape park and reconstruction of the Italian garden, pond, outhouse, chapel and burial vault of the Svyatopolk-Mirskys, lodge and roadside chapel.

In the 1520s the Court Marshal Yury Il’inich began building of the castle as the family residence and fortress. Initially it was the construction with four projecting towers and the fifth entrance one in the western wall.
At the beginning of the 17th century palace buildings were attached to the eastern and northern walls. The castle was enclosed with moats and banks of earth with bastions in the corners.
Please note that all foreigners need travel visa to enter Belarus. Visa as well as travel services may be purchased at Visacenter offices in US, UK and UK .

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One Day in Kiev, Ukraine

A one day tour to one of the best tourist spot around the world might sound a bit absurd but in today’s busy world not everyone has the plentiful of time to get a few days of holiday, plan a trip and then kick back and relax. Think about a busy traveler who is tight on his schedule squeezed out a whole day free from meetings and business activity and wants to see most of the tourist spots at the place of his visit. For such small visit to any city in the world lets choose Ukraine’s capital,Kiev.
About Kiev
Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and also one of its largest cities. It is located on the Dnieper River at the north central part of the country. A scenic city with population of approximately 3 million people. It is the largest economic, political, educational and cultural center of Ukraine. It is also one of the finest places for tourism in Europe. A visit to this city can be one of the most pleasurable experiences in one’s life. The city boasts an interesting lifestyle and numerous historical and cultural monuments are situated here which is the real attraction of the city. Perhaps very few cities in the world have so many monuments like Kiev has: monuments, churches, museums, theaters. So many places to visit yet so little time in hand.

Getting around the city
Beforehand it should be mentioned that a foreign visitor must acquire travel visas. It can be easily obtained at Visa center in their native country. Start off by grabbing Kiev Tour Guide map book. It will help in getting to a location in a much easier and faster way. Point out the place that one has to visit and the taxi driver will get there in no time. Official company taxis and ‘gypsy cabs’ can be used for navigation. A ‘gypsy cab’ can be availed just by stopping the car and negotiating a price. A company taxi can be booked over a the phone. Buses can also be used for navigation. There are two types of buses, city run buses and trolley buses but these buses are always crowded during peak hours. Last but not the least is the Metro. It is one of the pleasures of Kiev as it is fast, clean and easy to navigate. There are about 50 stations with lines reaching to almost every place in the city.

Places to visit:
Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Cave Monastery)
Near Metro station Arsenal’na
It is one of the oldest monasteries and also the most important monasteries of Ukraine. The caves were dug out by priests who used to live there as hermits and later it was found in 1077 by ST Antoiny. It has two parts: the upper Lavra consisting of number of museums and the lower Lavra consisting of the caves.

St Sophia’s Cathedral
Near Metro Station Zoloti Vorota
It is the oldest church of Kiev and has the world’s biggest ensemble of frescoes and mosaics, including the Virgin Oran’s Mosaic. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Outside the gatehouse there is a statue of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, a historical figure responsible for the liberation of Kiev in 17th century.

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery
Near St. Sophia’s Cathedral
Although destroyed during the Soviet era it is still a pleasant place to visit. It also contains mosaics like the St. Sophia’s Cathedral. It was renovated in 1997 and now the gold domes are one of the best places to visit on a Sunday.

Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life
Near Vystavkovy Tsentr Metro station
The museum displays the lifestyle of people and how they used to live in different parts of Ukraine. It has six restored rural Ukrainian villages comprising of old huts, churches and mills. The whole place acts as a living museum.
A day may not be enough to fully enjoy everything Kiev has to offer but a whole day is still enough to visit the most crucial landmarks of the city. The city is full of surprises and one has to feel the exclusive appeal of this antique yet incessantly young city.

To enter Ukraine, depending what passport do you have, visa may be required. You may visit Visacenter web site to clarify this matter while preparing for your trip.

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A Day in New York City!

New York, NY – Times Square

New York, NY - Times Square -

A Day in New York City!

New York is definitely the most amazing city ever. It will make you sway to its beauty and elegance and will leave footprints on your mind that will always be remembered. It is very enchanting and is surely the perfect place for a one-day holiday. This place is perfect if you want a break from your hectic schedule and want to enjoy your Sunday to the fullest possible extent. New York is a highly developed city, but has not lost its old touch of beauty and life. For shopaholics, this is a heaven. For sight seers, this will engulf you in its magnificence and splendor. If you are on a one-day trip, you cannot afford to miss these places.

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise

Whether you are visiting New York for the first time or not, Circle line cruises are the best way of exploring this amazing place. This 2 hour semi-circle cruise gives you a good view of Manhattan. Through it, you can catch site of the famous destinations like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, the United Nations and the East Side skyline and also the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. Beverages, food, wine and beer are available aboard. So, set sail and tour your city.

Empire State Building

Being the tallest building in the whole New York, this gives you an astonishing view of the whole of Manhattan. It also has the historical part besides the seemingly modern architecture. The Empire State Building was designed by William F. Lamb in 1931. It stands at an elevation of 1,454 ft. It was named after the nickname for the city of New York, the Empire State. Once you get your tickets, be ready to fly up the elevator to its 86th floor to behold an astounding spectacle of Manhattan.

Rockefeller Center

This is a complex consisting of 19 buildings which are used for commercial purposes. The Rockefeller Center was named after John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and houses one of the largest and luxurious theaters in the world, the Radio City Music Hall. The 872 foot General Electric (GE) building is the centerpiece of the Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center is the last major project to include an agenda of integrated public art.

Times Square

It would be very unfair if you are on a one-day trip and leave New York without taking a look at its very famous Times Square. Every tour is incomplete without it. Also known as “The Crossroads of the World”, this is a major intersection at the midtown Manhattan. This is the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections. Life here will be buzzing with people. This place attracts around 1 million visitors who come here to celebrate New Year. It is one of the special places that show that New York City never sleeps.

For an enjoyable tour of New York, it is necessary that you plan your trip, otherwise you will be wasting your time loitering around less significant places. Also, the greatest majority of foreign visitors to the country need travel visas that can be obtained at VisaCenter in USA, UK and Canada. You should be able to blend with the life of New York, only then can you truly recognize and appreciate this remarkable place. Be ready to open up your minds and take in the enormity of New York.

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Syrian Embassy closure in Ottawa, Canada

Closure of Syrian Embassy in Ottawa

Syrian Embassy building in Ottawa

On May 29 Canada, US, UK and several other European states has made a decision to expel Syrian embassies and consulates as well as its staff.

Syrian embassy in Ottawa as well as its consular office will close its doors to public this Friday, June 01 as the grace period of 5 days assigned by Canadian government to the embassy to cease its operations expires on Sunday, June 03. Currently the consular office has already stopped accepting all documents for visas, legalization and passports. Though Syrian government has not made any decision yet on what embassy in what country will take over the consular matters from Canada, as per Syrian embassy source there is a possibility that it may be Venezuela. At the same time coming from the similar precedents with other countries in the past the Syrian mission at the UN in New York may take over the duties as well. will be monitoring the developments and will re-start providing Syrian visa and legalization services as soon as situation clears.

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One Day in Minsk

Victory Square

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. It’s the largest city in Belarus and is one of the major tourist attractions especially for travelers who are attracted by the history of Soviet Russia and wish to see one of the largest Soviet city with a rich past and culture. Minsk is placed on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers. With its charming environment, ancient landmarks and great Soviet architectures, it is sure to awestruck its visitors.

Though touring this city only for one day would be unfair to the fascinating beauty of the city, but for busy travelers there are some ‘must-sees’ in Minsk.


As Minsk is famous for its beautiful churches, it is a good idea to visit church when you are in this city. There are many churches like Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, Sankt Simeon and Helena church, Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Red Church situated around the city. Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is one of the hot tourist spots. Built in baroque style the church is appreciated for its wonderful beauty. The basis of all the churches is the influence of primarily two Christian churches, catholic and orthodox.

Stalin Line

Another great place to visit is the Stalin Line which is a history museum in the open air. It has unique arms, machine- guns, different ammunitions and armor caps conserved from the time of World War-I. Along with the presence of ancient arms this place also has a historical significance being one to the many defensive installations prepared that covered the border of USSR.

Independence avenue

Independence avenue i.e., the central square of Minsk was previously known as Lenin square. Majority of the building here are of Soviet Stalin time but Red Church situated here gives you a classic example of neo gothic architecture.

Victory square

Victory square is also full of antique buildings and is very near to Independence square. Lots of impressive building can be found in this square such as the headquarter of KGB which was the national security agency of the Soviet Union, Victory Column which is a dedication to all the immortal soldiers.

The National library

National library of Belarus signifying the evolution of contemporary architecture in the city is situated on a river bank and is the main source of information to the whole country. It is located on a 236 feet high building with 22 floors and has more than ninety thousand citizens as its visitors.

Mound of glory

Mound of glory situated 21kms away from Minsk on the Moscow highway is an artificial mound made to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their life in 2nd World War. Around the mound there are also many ancient tanks and munitions placed.


You can end your day by going to the Opera and having a meal at the local cafes which are quite reasonable and serves a wide range of dishes including soups, sausages and salads. Vodka is one of the major favorites of the people there as it is quite cheap and provides for a better taste than water which is quite salty.

Minsk can be a little troubling for people who do not speak Russian and those who are first timers, but with a passion for adventure, as you explore the city and come closer to witnessing its history, you will be amazed at the heritage and the beauty, the city is associated with. Most of the travelers to Belarus need entry travel visas, that can be easily obtained at VisaCenter offices in Canada, US and UK.

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